Welcome to Mini Golf Master, the new sport game to play online.The mini golf tournament is very interesting.

Mini Golf Master game

How to Play

The method of playing mini golf  is simple.Put the  golf ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible.Each hole has its optimum strokes limit - par.It has maximum strokes limit also.Reach the par to get two stars and reach under the par to get three complete levels to unlock other levels, medium and hard difficulty and new environment.

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How to control

Tap item to select it in menu.Drag finger to move the camera around.Double tap to center the camera on the golf ball.Push the game and access the in game options by tapping the pause icon.Dots indicate angle and strength.

Easy difficulty

Touch the ball.Drag finger backwards to set the angle and strength.Release finger to shoot.

Medium difficulty

Drag finger backwards to set the angle.Release finger to stop the strength meter and shoot.

Hard difficulty

Touch the golf ball.Tap on desired quarter  to start the angle meter .Tap to stop the angle meter.Tap to stop strength meter and shoot.

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